Ownership Transition Services

This proprietary program is designed to identify, evaluate, recommend and implement the planning strategies that will allow business owners and their families to achieve their personal and financial objectives.

The framework for the transition analysis depends on the answers to such questions as:

  • Who will ownership be transferred to?

  • How much of the ownership will be transferred?

  • When will the transfer take place?

  • How much of the owner’s personal wealth does the company represent

The first step in the analysis is identifying the planning strategies that are appropriate to our client’s situation and objectives. Then we determine the value of the company and incorporate that value into each of the strategies to project the financial and tax impact of each of the strategies. This insures that our analysis is based on actual numbers instead of vague hypotheticals. Our analysis is documented in a comprehensive report and we meet with our clients to present the results of our analysis and recommend a plan of action. With this approach, our clients have the assurance that all appropriate planning strategies have been considered. They have the information they need to make informed decisions. And they can relax, knowing they have set in motion a plan that will achieve their personal and financial objectives.

For family owned companies, transferring a family business involves far more than just financial and tax considerations. It involves sensitive personal issues and expectations that often differ from one generation to the other. We understand these issues and provide the independent third-party point of view that moves the transaction to a successful conclusion. We recognize the importance of defining the personal and financial objectives of both generations and we take the time to assist our clients in this critical step of the process. From this perspective, we develop realistic strategies that achieve those objectives and communicate them to our clients in a clear, non-technical format. Our approach ensures that all parties to the transaction have a clear understanding of the available options and the financial and tax implications of the transaction. The end result is a succession plan that provides retirement funding and estate planning options for the older generation as well as an affordable method for the younger generation to acquire ownership of the business.